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Younkin-Younken-Youngkin Biography Archive
A Sweeping Social History of a Pennsylvania German Family in America
Younkin Reunion, Kingwood, PA, 2009



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~ Table of Contents: Younkin Feature Pages on Minerd.com~


Virginia Governor Glenn Allen Youngkin

167+ Younkin-Younken-Youngkin Civil War Soldiers

Donna - An Admiring, Overdue Tribute to a Pioneering and Inexhaustible Genealogist, Donna (Younkin) Logan

Younkin Memorial Stained Glass Windows Within the Kingwood Church of God, Somerset County, PA

Chew, Wilcocks and the Ingersoll Brothers: Prominent Philadelphia Landowners Who Sold Southwestern Pennsylvania Farmland to the Minerd/Younkin Family

World War II Through a Porthole - A 4-Part Memoir of Wartime - by James Melvin Younkin

The Immigrants Johann "Heinrich" and Catharina (Scherer) Junghen of Niederasphe, Germany & Bucks County, PA

Capt. William M. Schrock's Civil War Regiment Monument: Honoring the Only Company Mustered within Somerset County, PA During the War Between the States

Pike's Peak or Bust - and Busted by Thunder - Memorable Trip Across the Great Plains in Gold Rush of 1859, as Related by One of the Survivors Sixty-seven Years After the Event - Personal Recollections of the Great Adventure

Younkin-Cupp Family Bible: Chronicling Births/Marriages of the Families of Joseph and Anny (Weimer) Bowling - Thomas and Catherine (Bowling) Cupp - and Caroline (Cupp) Younkin of Rockwood, PA

A Mother's Lamentation Over the Heroin Overdose of a Beloved Step-son - by Linda L. Marker

Somerset County (PA) Sheriff's Sale Poster, April 11, 1901

A History of Old Bethel Church - by Harrison Grant King

Photo of the Month - June 2002 - "The Old Bethel Church of God" (updated 2017)

A Family’s Influence in the Pioneer Founding of the Disciples of Christ Movement

Mt. Bethel Methodist Church Congregation Panorama Photo at Paddytown, Somerset County, PA

Younkin and Faidley Family Intermarriages

Delilah (Faidley) Younkin's Family Bible

Younkin and Hartzell Family Intermarriages

Younkin National Home-coming Reunion Archives - Held in Kingwood, Somerset County, PA - 1934 to 1941

Younkin Migrations from Pennsylvania to Kansas, 1800s and Early 1900s

History of the Younkin Reunion - by Otto Roosevelt Younkin, 1934

A Special Message from Your Secretary: Would You Want to Do Something to Preserve Younkin Posterity?

Younkin Family News Bulletin of the 1930s

Younkin Reunion Planning Committee - June 1936 - Numbered Faces

Younkin Reunion of Kansas

Rev. J. Frederick Kuhlman - Sketch Prepared by Himself, Ponca City, Nebr., May, 1917

William Street Younkin Family Photo Album

Kissin' Cousin Marriages

The Elusive, Zigzag Search for "Mysterious Henry" Minerd




Biographies of Immigrants Johann "Heinrich" and Catharina (Scherer) Junghen of Niederasphe, Germany & Bucks County, PA ~

10 known children - 5 spelled out below -- Johannes "John" Younkin, Jacob Younkin Sr., Frederick G. Younkin, Rudolph "Ralph" Younkin, Henry Younkin Jr. -- 41 known grandchildren - 240+ known great-grandchildren - 1,069+ known great-great grandchildren.



~ Biographies of the Family of Johannes "John" (a.k.a. "John
Michael") & Catharina (Dorscheimer) Younkin

6 known children - 37 known grandchildren - 212 known great-grandchildren

~ Family of "Yankee John" & Nancy (Hartzell) Younkin ~

James and Elizabeth (Younkin) Andrews Jr. - children Marcellus "Marsh" Andrews, Albert Andrews, Mary F. Andrews, William Andrews, Sophia Andrews, James D. Andrews

Henry and Polly (Younkin) Minerd - children Ephraim Minerd, Chauncey "Chance" Miner, Henry Harrison Minerd, Susan Birch, Andrew Jackson Miner, Nancy Farabee, Sarah Minerd, Elias Minor, Jacob Minerd, Catherine Bedillion

Andrew and Susanna (Younkin) Schrock - children Perry Schrock, Ephraim Schrock

Jacob H. "Devil Jake"and Sarah A. (Tannehill) Younkin - children Andrew J. Younkin, Messmore Younkin, John T. Younkin, Eli Younkin, Orphelia Younkin, George B. "McClellan" Younkin, Sarah "Sadie" Younkin

Ephraim and Malinda Ann (Ripley) Younkin - children Alex Clay Younkin, Ellen Will, Catherine Younkin

John "Frederick" and Sarah "Sally" (Younkin) Kreger - children Wilson S. Kregar, John R. Kreger, Josiah Kreger, Edward Kreger, Caroline Younkin, Albert Kreger

Daniel and Mahala (Younkin) Schrock - children Anne Matilda Schrock, Caroline "Carrie" Spangler, John Ellis Schrock.

John K. and Syvilla (Younkin) Rush - children Candace "Candy" Minerd, Alexander Rush, James "Austin" Rush, Patrick Rush, Sarah J. Rush, Mary Frances Brougher, Margery Victoria Williams, Alice Matlick, Sarah "Cecilia" Haines, Lavina Richey, Martha Rush

John H. and Lucinda (Sweitzer) Younkin - children Winfield Scott Younkin, Nancy Forsythe, William Austin Younkin, Sarah "Sally" Younkin, Emily Jane "Emma" Barnes, John L. Younkin, Minnie Frances Meyers, Cora "Cordie" Younkin, Amanda L. Younkin.

Alexander and Nancy (Younkin) Sanner - children John "Franklin" Sanner, Matilda Catherine "Kate" Raymond, Eleanor C. "Ellen" McCann, Charles F. Sanner, Sarah Sanner, William J. Sanner, Marcellus Andrew Sanner, Ulysses "Grant" Sanner, Elliott Sanner, Alexander Sanner, Jacob Sanner, Isaiah Sanner.


~ Family of Jacob "of John" and Eleanor (Chambers) Younkin ~

John M. and Laura (Minerd) Younkin - children Catherine Younkin, Eli Younkin, William "Shedrick" Younkin, Charles Younkin, Josiah Younkin, Jacob M. Younkin, Daniel Martin Younkin, Josephine Moan, Mary Caton Davis George and Catherine "Katie" (Younkin) Firestone - children Ellen "Nellie" Nicola, Simon Firestone, Harriet Burkholder, Jacob "Ross" Firestone, Norman Firestone Wilhelm "William" and Catherine (Firestone) Younkin - sons John X. Younkin, William Younkin

~ Family of Charles & Jane (Johnson) Younkin ~

John Henry and Rebecca "Becky" (Younkin) Imel - children James Frederick Imel, William F. Imel, Samuel H. Imel, Anna Elizabeth May, Margaret Ellen "Ella" Hickson, Charles Wesley Imel, William Curtin Imel.

Levi and Catherine (Younkin) Christner - children Clara Clarissa Brooks, Susanna Cossell, Mary Jane Younkin, Elias Christner, Charles Christner, Lydia Ann Cossell, Rufus Christner, Rachel Christner, Elijah Christner, Elvina Cramer.

Mary "Polly" (Younkin) Pyle Bridget and husbands - children Catherine A. "Katie" Knable, Sylvester Bridget, Aden Bridget.

James and Eleanor "Nellie" (Younkin) Wiltrout - sons Adam A. Wiltrout, Samuel Denton Wiltrout.

Adam and Elizabeth (Younkin) Wiltrout - children John Wiltrout, Melinda Imel, Caroline Wiltrout, Elias Franklin "Frank" Wiltrout, Adam A. Wiltrout Jr., Jacob J. Wiltrout, Nelson Wiltrout.

George A. and Charlotta (Younkin) Younkin - sons William "Dayton" Younkin, James "Dempsey" Younkin.

Nancy Jane (Younkin) Johnson Rowan and husbands - no offspring.

Freeman Younkin - died young.

Franklin B. "Frank" and Harriet Frances (Sherbondy) Younkin - children Ellie Mae Younkin, Della C. Flannigan, Martha Jane "Mattie" Detwiler, Nora Catherine "Kate" Sherrick, Nellie B. Wiley, William Henry Younkin.


~ Family of George & Nancy (Johnson) Younken ~

George A. and Charlotta (Younkin) Younkin - sons William "Dayton" Younkin, James "Dempsey" Younkin.

David and Jane (Younkin) Showman - children William "Harrison" Showman, Alexander Showman, Nancy Jane Hart, George Washington Showman, Catherine Johnson, Albert Showman, Mary E. Showman, Jeremiah W. Showman, Sarah Strawderman.

Jeremiah "Jerry" and Caroline (Vanatta) Younkin - children Benjamin Franklin Younkin, Lucy Jane Pollock, Elbiam Younkin, Edward Charles Younkin, C.W. Younkin, Katie Younkin, Sam Younkin, George Younkin.


~ Family of Jacob & Catherine (Younkin) Minerd Jr. ~

John and Sarah (Ansell) Minerd - children Henry A. Miner, Catherine Rose, Sarah Minerd, Susanna Rose, Martin Miner, Joanna Enos, Hannah Murray, Michael A. Firestone.

Burket and Susan (Hartzell) Minard - children Margaret Martin, Catherine Nesmith Dean, Jeremiah Minard, Mary Cole Minerd, Louisa Hoye.

Henry and Polly (Younkin) Minerd/ Minor - children Ephraim Minerd, Chauncey "Chance" Miner, Henry Harrison Minerd, Susan Birch, Andrew Jackson Miner, Nancy Farabee, Sarah Minerd, Elias Minor, Jacob Minerd, Catherine Bedillion.

John M. and Laura (Minerd) Younkin - children Catherine Younkin, Eli Younkin, William "Shedrick" Younkin, Charles Younkin, Josiah Younkin, Jacob M. Younkin, Daniel Martin Younkin, Josephine Moan, Mary Caton Davis.

Jacob and Rachel (Ansell) Minerd III - daughter Elizabeth Long Gallentine.

Charles and Adaline (Harbaugh) Minerd - children Josephine Hall, Lucinda J. Hall, Rebecca "Jennie" Conley Woodmency, Martha "Matt" Gorsuch, Lawson H. Minerd, Almira Malissa Overholt, Sarah "Sadie" Luckey.

Harrison and Catherine (Minerd) Barnhouse - children Clarissa "Clara" Huston, Esther Resler Freed, Susan Stoner, William Marcy Barnhouse.

Joel and Catherine "Kate" (Seneff) Minerd - children William Henry "Squire" Miner, David R. Minerd, Elizabeth Rosensteel Zadowsky Wilson, John Wesley Minerd, Ella R. Pritts Polen Pryor

Eli and Mary Ann (Baer) Minerd - children Emma C. Thurston, Rev. Isaac Herschel Minerd, Charles Marion Minerd, Martha Jane Stairs, William Osborne Minerd, Marietta Crosby, Margaret "Maggie" A. Minerd.


~ Family of George & Mary (Younkin) Hartzell ~

John G. and Mary (Henry) Hartzell - children Adaline Fuller, William Wallace Hartzell, Catherine Hartzell, Sarah Jane Chaddock Brantner, Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Kenney, John Francis "Frank" Hartzell, George Hartzell, Margaret Hartzell, Ann Hartzell.

Simon and Eva Ann (Whipkey) Hartzell - children William Hartzell, Mahala Hewitt, Lindsy Hartzell, Elias Hartzell, Elizabeth Polen, Hannah Strait, Sarah A. Ross, Mary Marquis, Jacob Hartzell.

Jonas and Anna Elizabeth (Whipkey) Hartzell - children John Hartzell, Minerva Ross, Joanna Hartzell, Marcellus Hartzell, Silas Hartzell, Samuel Hartzell, Mary M. Hartzell, Simon Hartzell.

Stephen Decatur and Hannah (King) Hartzell - children John Hartzell, Jeremiah Hartzell, Huldah Harrison, Howard L. Hartzell.

Josiah and Mary (Hartzell) Holliday - children Sarah Holiday, Elijah H. Holiday, Lindsey "Linzy" Holiday, Lucinda Holiday, Emma Foster, Louise Frost.



~ Biographies of the Family of Jacob and Hannah (Nicola) Younkin Sr. ~

10 known children - 63 known grandchildren - 270 known great-grandchildren

~ Family of Henry & Elizabeth "Betsy" (Weimer) Younkin ~

Harmon and Rachel (Younkin) Husband - children Horace Husband, Clarissa Clara Husband, Eliza Husband, Belinda Husband, Harriett Husband, Ann Husband, Charles H. Husband, Emeline Husband, David Husband, Joseph Husband.

David and Maria Sophis (Culver) Younkin - children Lucina "Cine" Younkin, Ann Elizabeth Elder, Victoria Augusta Evans, Elias Polk Younkin, Louisa Hill McNeill, Josephine Curotte, Fremont C. Younkin, Benton Younkin, J. Allen Younkin.

Phoebe (Younkin) Bouscher Leibarger/Lybarger and husbands - children Harmon Bouscher, Elizabeth Boucher, Henry Boucher, Isaiah Boucher, Anna Maria "Ann" Glasby.

Joseph Henry and Sarah "Sally" (Younkin) Whipkey - children Martin Whipkey, Phoebe Whipkey, Amanda King, Henry Whipkey, Frances Whipkey, John Whipkey, Mary Katherine "Kate" Whipkey, Lucy Whipkey.

John Campbell and Susan (Younkin) Lichliter - children Henry H. Lichliter, Harriet Lichliter, Levi Lichliter, Almira (or "Elmira") Boucher.

John and Mary "Polly" (Younkin) Knable - children Martha A. Knable, Walter W. Knable, Mary E. Colborn, John Parker Knable, Ida Belle Hoblitzel.

Hiram R. and Catharine (Younkin) Luddington - children Priscilla "Jane" Ludington, Henry C. Ludington, Horace Ludington, Civilla "Frances" Ludington.

Neal and Anna Maria (Younkin) McNeil - children Harriet McNeill, Emily Jane McNeill, Henry Laughlin McNeill, Mary McNeill, Levi McNeill, John Knable McNeill, Sarah Elizabeth Heath.


~ Family of John J. & Mary "Polly" (Hartzell) Younkin ~

Jacob J. "Dorcas Jake" and Dorcas (Hartzell) Younkin - children Hiram Younkin, Joel R. Younkin, Balaam Younkin, Susanna Koontz, Foster H. (or "C.") Younkin, Dorcas "Tabitha" Grim, Noble Younkin, Caroline Malinda Grossman, Colwell Seveno Younkin.

(?) and Nancy (Younkin) Johnson - children Mary Johnson, Harriet Johnson, Herman Johnson.

Susan Younkin - daughter Hannah Maria McClintock.

Garrison and Hannah (Younkin) Smith - daughter Louisa Kuhlman.

John Harrison and Eliza Jane (Coble) Youngkin - children Belinda U. Brack Hoover, William H. Youngkin, Joel S. Youngkins, John R. Youngkin, Lewis Washington Youngkin, Terry Lloyd Youngkin Sr., James C. Youngkin, Clementine Youngkin, Martha Ellen Ogden Watson Burkholz, Arabella Ewell Hill.

Samuel G. and Mary Ann (Younkin) Phillippi - children Jacob Phillippi, Martha Jane Enos, Amanda Koontz, Mary A. Kreger, Aaron Phillippi, Harmon Phillippi, John "Wesley" Phillippi, Franklin Phillippi, Sarah Catherine Sechler.

Rev. Levi and Catherine "Katie" (Younkin) Lichliter - Norman B. Lichliter, Rev. Marcellus Deaves Lichliter, Milton Campbell Lichliter, Sarah Lichliter.

Rev. Harmon "Herman" and Susanna (Faidley) Younkin - children Joanna Minerd, Nessley Younkin, Freeman Younkin, Mary Ann Younkin, Irvin Younkin, John F. Younkin, Sarah Jane Colflesh, Curtin Younkin, Barbara Ella Younkin, Milton "Bruce" Younkin.

George and Elizabeth "Betsy" (Younkin) Hare - daughter Barbara Ellen "Ella" Hare.

Jonas H. and Mary (Beal) Younkin - son Jonas M. Younkin.


~ Family of Jacob & Sarah Salome (Weimer) Younkin Jr. ~

Elijah and Abigail (Dwire) Younkin - children Norman D. Younkin, Ellen Younkin, Martha Younkin, William Younkin, Catherine D. Coons, Barbara Younkin, Albert Younkin.

Isaac and Rebecca (Walter) Younkin - children Singleton "Sink" Younkin, Christopher Younkin, Michael Younkin, Mary Catherine "Cass" Wigle, Ross F. Younkin, John T. Younkin, Thomas "Wilson" Younkin, Harriet "Hattie" Whiteman, William H. Younkin, Anna E. Younkin, Emma Jane Morrison.

Thomas R. and Barbara (Younkin) King - children Amanda Younkin, Sarah Cunningham, Belinda King, Ross King, Hiram King, Hulda Jane "Huldy" King.

Jacob W. "Weasel Jake" and Catherine "Katie" (Faidley) Younkin - children Cyrus Younkin, Levi H. Younkin, Harriet V. Moon, Elizabeth E. Heinbaugh, William "Henry" Harrison Younkin, John "Wesley" Younkin, Amanda Snyder, Peter Albert Younkin, Jacob "Calvin" Younkin, Sarah "Sadie" Younkin, Oscar Emerson Younkin, Ermina "Emma" Younkin.

Frederick J. and Delilah (Faidley) Younkin- children Emily J. "Emma" Clevenger, Edwinna Canallas Glotfelty, George Washington "Wash" Younkin, Nessly Younkin, Sarah Ann Younkin, Benjamin "Franklin" Younkin Sr., Josephine "Fina" (Younkin) Younkin, William Lincoln Younkin, Harvey Younkin, Mary Ann Kane McCarthy Corbett, Hila King Hawkins.

Eli S. and Susanna (Dumbauld) Younkin - children Isabella Arabelle "Belle" Younkin, Sarah Ellen Brougher, Mary Elizabeth Gearhart.

Daniel W. and Abiah Virginia (Pringey) Younkin - children Francis E. "Frank" Younkin, Olive K. Meese.


~ Family of Dr. Jonas & Martha (Pringey) Younkin ~

Uriah and Lydia Ellen (Spaugh) Younkin - children Orlando Franklin Younkin, Orin F. Younkin, Winfield Scott Younkin, Chester W. Younkin.

Archibald Campbell and Mary Catherine (Jones) Younkin - children William Melville Younkin, Howard Ellis Younkin, Lulu J. Anderson, Edgar Younkin, Estelle Younkin, Helen Byers "Nellie" Younkin, Arthur Jones Younkin.

Walter S. and Eva M. (Troyer) Younkin - sons Warren "Eugene" Younkin, Howard Venvelsy "Velzie" Younkin.

Alexander C. and Harriett Amanda (Mooney) Younkin - sons Charles Elbert Younkin, George Elmer Younkin.

Dr. Edwin and Rev. Matilda (Hart) Younkin - daughters Minnie Hall, Carrie Elvina Bowler.

Zimri Howland and Emily Ogle (Younkin) Howe - children Effie Thomas, Laura McCann, George H. Howe, Catherine M. Fowler.

Charles Wallace and Mary Elizabeth "Mate" (Younkin) Parshall - children Lulu Parshall, Emma Parshall, Alan W. Parshall, Lottie Parshall.

Aaron Schrock and Sarah (Alton) Younkin - children William Eugene Younkin, Charles Younkin, Grace Boomer, Winona Spencer, Martha Evelyn Smith.

Austin and Sarah Margaret (Hunter) Younkin - adopted/foster children Edith J.O. Younkin, Jonathan Maury, Laura McFry, Alfred Younkin, Martha May Younkin, Verda Younkin.


~ Family of Abraham "Abram" & Mary Ann "Polly" (Haupt) Younkin ~

Thomas and Amanda M. (Younkin) Reger - children Mary C. Rager, Thomas M. Reger.

Joseph H. and Anna (Younkin) Kantner - children Charles E. Kantner, Sarah Ellen "Sadie" Speicher, Mary Margaret "Maggie" Baer, Emma Smith, John Kantner, Joseph H. Kantner Jr., Lucy Kantner, Annie Young, Harry Kantner, Carrie Grace Herzberger, Lillian Kantner, Howard Kantner.

James and Margaret (Younkin) Pisel - children Ellen Ralston Johns, Charles Pisel, Mary Pisel, Edward Pisel.

Cyrus Younkin - unknown.


Jacob and Christianna "Christa" (Younkin) Fleck Jr. - children Frank R. Fleck, Mary Grace Kammerer, Margaret L. "Maggie" Long, George W. Fleck.


~ Family of Leonard & Maria "Catherine" (Younkin) May ~

John L. and Elizabeth (Holler) May - children Kasiah May, Samuel C. May, James M. May

James Lewis and Mary Ann "Anna" (May) Kellerman - child Mary Kellerman, Leonard L. Kellerman, Catherine Kellerman, Augusta V. Kellerman, Sarah A. McKenzie, Grant Kellerman, George W. Kellerman and Ida Kellerman.

Elizabeth (May) Tipton Metzger and husbands - children Samuel S. Tipton, Leonard Tipton, George Tipton, Ellen May, Emma Leach, Elizabeth Shirey.

Daniel H. May and wives Julia Ann Ringler and Anna Delilah Mull - children Rachel "Jane" Shuck, Millard "Filmore" May, Edward M. May, Nancy Catherine "Kate" Wahl, George W. May, Sarah E. "Sadie" Meyers, Emma Elizabeth Annie Mansberry Smith Harding Licking, James May, Louisa Thomas, Theodore Umphrey May.

Samuel M. and Mariah Amanda (Beltz) May - children Alice Augusta Holler, Calvin Samuel May, Charles M. May, Harvey J. May, Anna "Annie" Darrah/Darr, Norman L. May, James Abram Garfield May, William H. May.

Samuel G. and Louisa (May) Beltz - children Manda Catherine Beltz, Franklin B. Beltz, Nancy Margaret Beltz, Sarah C. Beltz, James P. Beltz, William E. Beltz.

Marcus "Mark" and Mary E. (Shirer) May - children James R. May, Sarah Catherine Philson, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Hillegas, Adam May.

Hiram C. and Carrie M. (Holycross) May - child Myrtle May.

Silas and Anna Elizabeth (Shirer) May - childrenLaura "Lorie" Holler, Harry "Shinny" May, Theodore "Dory" May, Howard May, Margaret Estella "Stella" Blake Deniker, George Washington May, Louisa Catherine Robertson, Carrie Jane May, Sarah Marie "Sally" Newman, John Orange May, Charles Elmer May, Walter McK. May.


~ Family of John & Elizabeth "Betsy" (Weimer) Younkin ~

No known children




~ Family of Samuel & Rachel (Deitz) Younkin ~

Andrew Jackson Younkin - daughter Marietta Younkin

Dorothy Ann Gross - unnamed child

Elisabeth Younkin -

Cyrus Sylvester Younkin Sr. - children Elizabeth Younkin, Cyrus Sylvester Younkin Jr., Francis Marion Younkin

Roxylenia Younkin -

Benjamin Franklin Younkin - children Roxylenia Younkin, Laura M. Younkin, Anna E. Younkin

Manerva Muter - daughter Minnie Downs

Samuel Younkin - died young

John Deitz Younkin - children William Ellsworth Younkin, Clarence Lincoln Younkin, Jennie Deitz Younkin, Samuel DeWitt Younkin, John King Younkin, Charles Franklin Younkin, Marietta Adora Younkin


~ Family of Isaac & Margaret (Penrod) Younkin ~

Barbara A. Ankeny -

Elizabeth Butt -

Catherine Margaret Butt -


Henry W. Younkin - children Weston Ulysses Younkin, Margaret Alice Younkin, Mary "Etta" Tonietta Younkin, Lottie Belle Younkin, Elizabeth May "Libbie" Younkin, Henry Boyd Younkin, Jesse Lloyd Younkin, Philip Floyd Younkin, Lucy Ellen Younkin

Mary Ellen Younkin - lost to history

Eliza A. Younkin - lost to history


~ Family of Mary "Polly" (Younkin) Smith Schrock ~

Ephraim Smith and Mary Elizabeth (Smith) Kreegar - children Norman Kreeger, Harriet Jenny Reddick, Ursina Bella Jahnig, Dora Ellen Gibson, Bessie M. Tarno, Mary E. Swartzlander, Ira Franklin "Frank" Kreeger, Ephraim Smith Kreeger Jr.

William J. and Caroline (Schrock) Lynn (stepdaughter) - children Aaron Lynn, Mary J. "Jennie" Courter, Harriet Lynn, George W. Lynn, Amanda Permelia Halling, John S. Lynn, Amos Rittenhouse Lynn, Bell Lynn, Annie Lynn.

Maj. Edward Morgan Schrock and wives Phoebe Critchfield and Lydia Weigle (stepson) - children Sarah Kimmel, Catherine B. "Kate" Coffroth, Phoebe Grace Weaver, Mary "Edna" Haight, Alice Sanner, Helen I. Downing, Edward "Morgan" Schrock Jr., Jacob Schrock, Ralph Schrock and Zoe Bloedorn.

Capt. Amos Schrock and wives Naomi Miller, Annie Schrock and Mary Jane (Auman) Hicks (stepson) - children Isabella "Belle" Schrock, William Amos Schrock

Capt. William Meyers and Mary E. (Foy) Schrock (stepson) - children Clora J. Barnett, Ella "Ellie" Lutz, Caroline Lucretia "Carrie" Lambert, Aaron F. Schrock, Julia M. Staniford, Minnie Hostetler, Lillie Schrock, Susan Walker, Foy Schrock.




~ Biographies of the Family of Frederick G. Younkin & Wives ~

8 known children - 69 known grandchildren - 315+ great-grandchildren
~ Family of Frederick & Elizabeth ( ? ) Younken Jr. ~

Anna Margarethea Younkin -

Matilda Younkin -

Charles Younkin -

Hannah Elizabeth Younkin -

Nicholas Younkin -

Henry H. Younkin -

Mary Younkin -

Sarah Younkin -

Catharine Younkin


~ Family of Col. John C. & Kathleen "Jane" (Connelly) Younkin ~

John and Catherine “Kate” (Younkin) Shoemaker - children Oscar J. Shoemaker, Edward C. Shoemaker, Alfred Shoemaker, Rosa Belle Carpenter, William Street Shoemaker, Catherine J. Shoemaker, Bernard H. Shoemaker.

David P. and Elizabeth (Younkin) Cremer - children Adela Cremer, Theodore Cremer, Rebecca J. (Cremer) Cremer, Samuel Eglinton Cremer.

Jeremiah and Jane (Younkin) Lanning - one daughter.

Moses and Frances (Turner) Younkin - children Franklin Lafayette "Lafe" Younkin, Gilbert Younkin, Mary Younkin, John W. Younkin, William Street Younkin, Albert Tell Younkin, Charles Younkin, Agnes Ellen McClain, Anna Jane Beeman, Caroline B. "Carrie" Harris, Edward Francis "Ted" Younkin, Stella Younkin.

Bertrand James and Agnes (Younkin) Jones - (?).

Pertenah (Younkin) Carson Martin and husbands - daughter Adella Warder.

Alexander Eglinton and Elizabeth (Hinshaw) Younkin - children Isaac Younkin, John Younkin, Jane Ballew, Sylvester Younkin, Lucian Younkin, Laura Belle Younkin.

Thomas and Rosabelle (Younkin) Larwood - children John Larwood, William Harvey Larwood, Alfonso Larwood, Laura Larwood, Edward Larwood , Bertha Larwood.


~ Family of Henry & Catharine (Younkin) Lehmer ~

Derrick Fernstück and Isabelle Smith (Perry) Lehmer - children Frances C. Lehmer, Oliver Cromwell Lehmer, Nancy J. Lehmer, Calista Isabel Lehmer, Josephine P. Lehmer, Henry Lehmer, William "Willie" Lehmer, Archie Lehmer, Derrick Lehmer Jr., 1 other.

Daniel and Maria "Catharine" (Lehmer) Phillippi - (?)

Rebecca Lehmer - (?)

Mary Ann Lehmer - (?)


~ Family of Frederick F. Younkin & Wives Mary Sanner and Sarah Faidley ~

Cyrus Sylvester and Mary A. (Younkin) Griffiths - children John Griffith, Edgar F. Griffith, Ida Boucher.

Michael and Anna Maria (McClintock) Younkin - children Frederick Elijah "F.E." Younkin, Mary Susan Henry; stepchildren Emma Frantz, George Crossen, Josephine Crossen.

Jacob C. and Lucy A. (Weimer) Younkin - children Eleanor Josephine "Ellen" Schrock, Adaline M. Gerhard, Wesley D. Younkin, Etta M. "Ettie" Gerhard.

Jacob and Catherine (Younkin) Gass Jr. - children John G. Gass, William E. Gass, Mary E. Gass, Charles Gass, Luella Gass, Harry Theodore Gass.

Henry S. and Barbara Jean (Younkin) Swarner - children Cora Etta Younkin, Salome Snyder, Minnie B. Swarner, Sarah J. "Sadie" Blubaugh, Susan "Susie" Wiltrout, Mary A. Swarner, John H. Swarner, Martha Ella Vought/Vough.

John S. and Nancy (Younkin) Trimpey - children Sarah "Sadie" Cunningham, Mary E. "Columbia" Sechler, Almira Gerhardt, William H. Trimpey, Etta Phillippi Lyons, John "Wesley" Trimpey, Ephraim Trimpey, Ella Roberts, Ida Kreger.

Simon and Salome (Younkin) Liston - children Samuel Liston, Mary Alice Henry, Ann "Elizabeth" Rush Miller, Edward Cleveland Liston, Frank G. Liston.

Frederick Younkin III - died young.

William Henry and Rachel (McClintock) Younkin - children Mary Ann "Annie" Younkin, Etta Savon Snyder, Alice Jane Ream, John Frederick Younkin, William "Wesley" Younkin, Minnie Belle Barkman, Margaret E. Friedline, Charles E. Younkin, Ross Milton Younkin, Clark Melvin Younkin, Martha "Mattie" Trapp.


~ Family of Sarah “Sally” Younkin & Husbands Michael Weimer, Thomas R. King ~

Aaron and Elizabeth (Clark) Weimer - children Joseph Weimer, Mary Herrington, Martha "Mattie" Weimer, Lavinia W. "Vennie" Latham.

Joanna Weimer - nothing known.

Adeline Weimer - nothing known.

Michael and Anna (McMillen) Weimer - children Samantha Wright Hannan, Samuel Weimer, Rachel Weimer, William Weimer, Larissa Weimer, John Kirkwood Weimer.

Freeman and Elizabeth (Jamison) King - children Nettie King, Williametta/Wilmetta Leckrone, Iva King, Virgie Lewis, Bessie F. King, Finley King, Bertman C. King, Elizabeth George, Xema Park Page.

Dr. James G. and Susan (King) Elder - children Joseph Elder, Amanda E. Elder, Josephine W. Elder, James A. Elder, infant.

Alexander King and wives - son William Sherman King, Nora E. King; Charles Morris King, Richard "Dick" King, Maggie May King.

Francis A. "Frank" and Amanda (King) Rodman - daughter Eliza F. Rodman; stepsons Henry Rodman, Arthur Rodman.

Missouri E. King - nothing known.

Nancy (King) Leichliter Conn and husbands - children Candace Dull; Sarah Jane Hyatt, Rush R. Conn, Ellen Younkin, Alexander Wilson "Wilse" Conn, James Austin Conn, Harvey Leslie Conn.

Sarah A. (Sabina?) King - nothing known.

Josephine King - nothing known.

Anna A. King - nothing known.


~ Family of Henry F. & Mary (King) Younkin ~

Jeremiah and Elizabeth (Branscom) Younkin - children Marietta "Mary" Reed, Sylvia Ellen Sanders, Daniel George Younkin, Celinda J. Young Wilson, James Edward Younkin, Earl Younkin, Loretta Younkin.

Moses and Lavila (Mitchell) Younkin Sr. - children Emma Virginia Younkin, John Mitchell Younkin, Edwin Leander Younkin, Carrie Lycendia Younkin, William Elmer Younkin, Walter B. Younkin, Robert Bruce Younkin, Moses Younkin Jr.

William K. Younkin and wives Ruth Ann Howard and Elida Scott - children Marcon "Bert" Younkin, Elias D. Younkin, Charles Albert Younkin, Ina Belle Wiese, Aaron Younkin, Effie Ann Knowles Gleason Hall; Jesse A. Younkin. Stepchildren: Arthur Sheppeard, Lee Sheppeard, Walter Finney, Lillie Finney White.

John Peter and Delilah “Hila” (Younkin) Faidley - children Barbara Bartell, Alexander Faidley, Catherine Maud "Kate" Davis, Cornelia Hartzell, Emma Maxwell, Curtin "Curt" Faidley, Edward Faidley, Charles Faidley, Jennie Roether Young, John "Jack" Faidley, 2 others.

Daniel Henry and Catherine “Cassie” (Younkin) Myers - children Mary Alice McIntire, Sarah Ellen Myers, William Henry Myers, Martha Ann Myers, Catherine Dell "Kate" Gregory, Frank Howard Myers, Ada Leah Miller.

Alfred Younkin - not married.

Harrison K. and Sarah Mary (Hanna) Younkin - children Ellsworth Younkin, Laura Anna Younkin, Mary C. "Mollie" Chalfant, Ada F. Jones.

Silas Younkin and wives Lucinda Hershberger and Zobeida Jane Ream - children Sallie Younkin, Ella Younkin, Walter C. Younkin, Jasper Younkin, Mary A. Younkin, Frank "Frankie" Younkin; Warren H. Younkin, Beatrice Rush; stepchildren Wade Hampton Colborn, Alice Maud Boor, Harry George Colborn.

John Henry and Rachel (Younkin) Myers - children Minerva Elizabeth Moyer, Walter C. Myers, Carrie Randall, Herbert W. Myers, Albert Myers.

Ross and Emma (Rush) Younkin - children Anna Ward Ringler, Fred Younkin, Etta Mosholder, Russell Younkin, Harry Younkin, Warren Younkin, Clarence Younkin, Bertha Dull, Sarah Suder Conn, Mary Ada Steward McAllister.

Frank and Mary E. (Younkin) Stewart - no children.


~ Family of George & Christina (Younkin) Dull Sr. ~

Jonathan Cable and Elizabeth (Dull) Dumbauld - children George Dumbauld, Susanna Younkin Kreger, Frederick Dumbauld, Sarah "Sally" Rhoads, Christianna Schrock, Daniel Dumbauld, Mary Ann "Mollie" Dumbauld, Peter Dumbauld, Louisa Kreger, William "Willie" Dumbauld, Clarinda "Savannah" Kreger, Jonathan "Beecher" Dumbauld, William Dumbauld.

Frederick and Margaret "Peggy" (Faidley) Dull - children Sarah Rush, Freeman Dull, Christina Bailey, Barbara "Barbary" Dull, John Dull, Barbara Ellen Ream Brougher Crosson Younkin, Anna Harnett, George Dull, Frederick Wilson Dull, Mary "Mollie" Sanbour, Harris "Harry" Dull.

Jacob C. and Mary Ann (Dull) Critchfield - children Oliver U. Critchfield, John M. Critchfield, Louisa (Critchfield) Critchfield, Emily B. Critchfield, Minerva E. Hoover, William W. Critchfield, Edward M. Critchfield, Joanna Critchfield, Eleanor "Nora" Knepper.

Jacob H. and Lucinda (Dull) Hauenstine - children Sarah Howenstein, Peter Howenstein, Christina Howenstein, Mary E. Howenstein, Anna M. Hauenstine, Lucinda C. Hauenstine, Jacob W. Hauenstine, George W. Hauenstine, Joseph D. Hauenstine, John M. Hauenstine, Albert E. Hauenstine, Ida F. Hauenstine, Matilda "Tillie" Bellmire.

John and Sarah "Sally" (Saylor) Dull - children Elias Dull, Austin Dull, George Walter Dull, John B. Dull, Mary Amanda Nedrow, Sarah "Jane" Steel, Vinsee "Edward" (or "V.E.") Dull, Emma Dull, Joseph Daniel Dull, Anna Dull.

William and Margaret (Flick) Dull - children Sabina C. Dull, Mary Emily "Emma" Critchfield, Lydia Ankeny, George McClellan Dull, Edwin Elijah Dull, William K. Dull, Belinda Dull, Sarah Dull, Mary Dull, Saloma Dull.

Samuel and Sarah Ann "Sally" (Dull) Saylor - children Amanda Chappell, Mary "Anna" Saylor, Arimetta Saylor, Elizabeth Saylor, William W. Saylor, Charles Saylor, Albert Saylor, Marinda "Mabel" Saylor

Jesse C. and Christina (Dull) Sweitzer - children Josiah D. "Joseph" Sweitzer, Margaret Sweitzer, William Sweitzer, Sarah "Sadie" Lowry, Ida Belle Kepner, Ellen F. "Ella" Berkey, Lillian "Lillie" Muhlenberg Faidley, Annie Sweitzer, George Sweitzer.

Josiah and Elizabeth G. (Ross) Dull - children Emma C. Skinner, Flora J. Tibbetts, William Frederick Dull, Loui Augusta Trapp, Charles A. Dull, Martha May (or "Mae") Cheney, Guy Haven Dull.


~ Family of Joseph & Margaret Rebecca “Peggy” (Younkin) Pringey ~

Philip and Margaret (Wheeler) Pringey - children Edward Pringey, Judson Pringey, Martha Pringey, Mary Hannah Howell, John Pringey.

Ross Pringey - died young.

Frederick Pringey - not married.

Herman and Sarah (Kirby) Pringey - children Ora "Orie" Pringey, Charles Pringey, Frederick Pringey, Emma Pringey, Carrie Bell Pringey, John Pringey, Lillian Green Pringey.

John E. and Savannah C. "Anna" (Green) Pringey - children Alvin John Pringey, Maud Ethel Howard.

Henson Smith and Candace "Candy" (Pringey) Liston - children Joseph B. Liston, Jennie Amelia Connelly, Francis M. Liston, John P. Liston, Roy Smith Liston, Charles Ross Liston, Luru May Weir, Blanche A. Liston, Henson Glenn Liston.

Jacob Tucker and Abigail Sarah "Abbie" (Pringey) Martin - children Laura A. Cassil, Margaret E. "Maggie" Pulley, Frederick S. Martin, Mattie W. Vierson, Nellie G. Cobb, Caddie Cobb.




~ Biographies of the Family of Rudolph "Ralph" & Elizabeth (Hockman) Younkin ~

9 known children - 32 known grandchildren - 116+ great-grandchildren

~ Elisabeth Junghen (died young) ~


~ Family of "Squire" John & Anna Margaret (Trout) Younkin Sr. ~

John and Sarah Jane (Fish) Younkins Jr. - children Frances Ann Catharine Kephart, Carlton Melanchton Younkin, Martin Luther Younkin, John William Taylor Younkin, Charlotte Elizabeth “Etta” O'Neal, Oliver Melvin Columbus Younkin, Emory Calvin Younkin, Claretta L.J. Klink, Mary Celesta “Mollie” Jones.

Mary Ann Younkin - died young.

Jacob and Sarah (Fickle) Younkin - children Erastus Younkin, George Younkin.

George Younkin - never married.

John and Susannah (Younkin) Iden - children Minerva "Minnie" Iden, DeWitt Iden, Julia May Iden, Margaret Ann Iden, Luella Belle Iden, JoAnn "Josie" Iden, Mary Catherine Iden.

Elizabeth Younkin - never married.

William Younkin - fate unknown.

Lydia Jane Younkin - never married.

John Younkin - never married.

James and Elizabeth Jane (Patterson) Younkin - children Mrs. W.L. Pritchard, Luella Belle Younkin, James Younkin Jr., Anna Jane Younkin, Robert W. Younkin, Hattie Stone.

Amos and Rachel L. (Benson) Younkin - children John Leroy Younkin, Elizabeth "May" Younkin, Harvey Clyde Younkin, Belle Younkin, Luella Bix.

Isaac and Susan Wilson (Curry) Younkin - children Francis U. "Frank" Younkin, William O. Younkin, Lewis E. Younkin, Chancey C. Younkin, Della Richards, Ralph B. Younkin.

Ephraim P. and Agnes (McCall) Younkin - no children.

Eli Younkin and wives Ann M. Bailey, Martha Alcinda Skinner and Mary L. (Smith) Cooper - children Mary F. Younkin, Eva Frances Thompson, William H. Younkin, Edwin Lee Younkin, Carl Younkin, Clarence "Burl" Younkin, Harry Theron Younkin; stepson Charles Cooper.

James and Margaret (Younkin) Black - Lucetta Black, William Ellsworth Black, Oscar J. "Ott" Black, Jesse Dillon Black, John Iden Black, Calvin William Black, Elmer Ray Black, Frank Black, Charles Black, George Sidney Black.


~ Family of Henry & Sarah Ann (Bartlett) Younkin ~

Caroline M. Younkin - not married.

Robert T. Younkin - not married.

Elizabeth Younkin - fate unknown.

Samuel M. and Hester Anne (Younkin) Boling - daughter Bessie Millikin.

Charles Henry Younkin and wives Matilda Miskimins and Emily Miskimins - children Claude H. Younkin, Charles Younkin; 2nd marriage Lloyd A. Younkin, Frank B. Younkin, Marcus Warland Younkin.


Mary Ellen Younkin - not married

Armstrong Mason Younkin - presumed son



~ Family of Jacob Younkin ~


Fate unknown.



~ Family of Samuel & Catherine (Godlove) Younkin ~

Joseph and Eliza Jane (Iden) Younkin - children Gelissa Mary Ann Allin, Laura Smith, Samuel E. Younkin, Elsie May Allin, Alfred H. Younkin, John H. Younkin, J. Morris Younkin.

Frederick and Mary A. (Younkin) Tener - children William Tener, Kate Tener, Huldah Jane "Jennie" Kaye, John W. Tener, Elizabeth Sims, Margaret Caroline "Carrie" Wood.

Henry A. and Mary Ann (Iden) Younkin - children Wilbur Younkin, Emma C. Hardy.

Abner Younkin and wives Martha Jane Young and Rebecca Fesler - children Rev. Cyrus Lorenzo Dow Younkin, Francis Asbury "Frank" Younkin, Ida J. Barbour, Uretta A. Younkin, Samuel Younkin, Effa "Effie" Stella Vail Tallon Bettis, Dr. Abner "Evans" Younkin Sr., Katrine Minnie "Katie" Willson, Fannie Meeks, Mary Ruth Younkin.

Thomas H. and Elizabeth (Younkin) Iden - children Charles H. Iden, Chris Iden, William W. Iden, George W. Iden.

Nancy Younkin - not married.

William R. and Mary Adaline (Bray) Younkin - children Franklin Savanah "Frank" Younkin, M. Ella J. Younkin, William Henry Younkin, Leon George Younkin.

William Parker and Margaret (Younkin) Tansey - no children.

John Franklin Younkin - not married.

Samuel Younkin - died young.

Dr. George Wesley and Sarah Alice (Anderson) Younkin - children Gordon H. Younkin, Mabel M. Younkin, G. Dwight Younkin, Ernestine Younkin, Alsie Younkin.


~ Family of Abraham Younkin ~


No known marriage or children.



~ Family of Elijah & Mary Magdalena (Younkin) Atkins ~


Fate unknown.



~ Family of Joseph & Susan (Meek) Younkin ~

Erastus Scott Younkin - died young.

Rufus Henry and Blanche A. (Sawyer) Younkin - children Joseph Samuel Younkin, Thomas S. Younkin, Katy Younkin, Ralph A. Younkin, Susan "Susie" Younkin.

Samuel Glass and Lucretia (Curtis) Younkin - children Henry Albert Younkin, Cora Belle Fisher, Samuel Curtis Younkin, William Younkin.

David Chambers Younkin - died young.

Moses Meek Younkin - died young.

Joseph Younkin - died young.

Edward C. Younkin - died young.

Caroline Matilda Younkin - fate unknown.


~ Family of Johannes "John" & Sarah "Sally" (Younkin) Trout ~

Eli and Charlotte (Mettler) Trout Sr. - children Sodema (?) Trout, Ira Trout, George Trout, Eli Trout Jr., John W. Trout, Lusetta M. Dunsmoor, Irvin Ellis Trout.

Harrison and Elizabeth J. (Cruzen McLean) Trout - stepchildren Charles H.M. McClean, Jennie G. McClean.

Mary Jane Trout - fate unknown.

William Trout - fate unknown.




~ Biographies of the Family of Henry and Anna Mariah (Overpeck) Younkin Jr.

8 known children - 41 known grandchildren - 156 known great-grandchildren

~ Family of David and Susanna (Copp) Younkin ~

Christopher and Elizabeth (Youngkin) Kuhn -

Maria Youngkin - died age 21.

Joseph and Elizabeth Jane (Smith) Youngkin - children David S. Youngkin, Susan Jane Smith, Anson Youngkin, Susanna Youngkin, John Andrew Youngkin, Elizabeth “Lizzie” Lemke, Elzie Z. Youngkin, Sarah Maria Fister, Eliza Ann "Lizzie" Meloy, Ulysses “Grant” Youngkin, Schuler C “School” Youngkin, Colfax C. Youngkin.

Abraham and Eliza (Youngkin) Matthews -

George W. and Catherine (Youngkin) Dillen - children Susan E. Feister, Mary A. Gill, Rebecca "Jane" Oschell, David Dillen, John Dillen, George "Samuel" Dillen, William "Daniel" Dillen, Catherine E. Dillen.

Aaron Youngkins and wives Mary "Ellen" Lytle and Catherine Stewart - children: David Cyrus Youngkins, Susan Ames, Isaac M. Youngkins, John C. Youngkins, Eliza M. Jackson; Abraham W. "Abram" Youngkins, 2 infants.

John and Susannah (Youngkin) Fitzgibbons - no children.

Andrew W. and Rosanna (Heverly) Youngkin - children Eliza J. Mellott, Henry L. Youngkin, Susan M. "Sue" Conan Gates, Mary E. Marks, Myrtle May Lucas, David Andrew Youngkin, Hannah E. Youngkin, Esther A. Westover, Loy Harrison "Harry" Youngkin, Joseph Youngkin.


~ Catherine Younkin (died young) ~


~ Family of Joseph and Sarah (Younkin) Esch ~

William and Salina (Esch) Klinesman - children Caroline Rodgers, Louisa Klinesman, Jacob Klinesman, Salina Klinesman, William Klinesman, Uria Ann "Eura" Klinesman.

Adam Esch and wives Julia Catherine Walters and Hannah Glass - children Sarah Katherine Esch, Susan M. Esch, George W. Esch, Rebecca E. Esch; Margaret C. Esch, Joseph Isaac Esch, Ida A. Esch, Laura J. Esch, John B. Esch, Perry A. Esch.

Oliver and Rebecca (Esch) Campbell - daughter Sarah Campbell.

Levi and Elizabeth (Lowman) Esch - children Ida Esch, Lou Esch, Agnes E. "Aggie" Esch. 

Joseph and Laura (?) Esch - children Elizabeth Esch, William W. Esch.

Edward and Angeline (Comfort) Esch - children Eliza Esch, Graham Esch, Miles M. Esch, Frances Esch, Clark Esch, Walter Esch, Leonard Esch, Lavina Esch, Carlisle Esch, Earl C. Esch, Pearl Esch.

Jacob S. and Henrietta (Esch) Overdorff - son William Lorenzo Overdorff.

Rev. John and Maria (Pittman) Esch - children Eva Mark, Etta Weber, Mrs. Andrew W. Wyant, Dr. Joseph I. "J.I." Esch.

Michael A. and Maria A. (Esch) Overdorff - children Sarah "Sallie" Devinney, Nola May Cover, Margaret Belle "Maggie" Overdorff.

William Esch and wives Josephine Martin and Catherine J. McCormick - children Jane "Jennie" Esch, Mollie Wilson, Laura Esch, Clara Esch, Sarah Esch.


~ Family of Charles and Hannah (Troxell) Youngkin ~

Daniel and Elizabeth (Youngkin) Fister - children Charles A. Fister, Andrew Jackson Fister, William Henry Fister, Jeptha Potts Fister, John E. Fister, Sarah E. Fister, Mary C. Fister, Isabella Susan "Susie" Bruce, Samuel Dean Fister, Frances H. Fister, Cyrus David Fister, Martha Anna Fister, Genette "Nettie" Wyckoff, Effie Fister.

John Goss and Sarah A. (Youngkin) Warrick - Hannah Elizabeth Warrick, Liona Walden Warrick, Susan Narissa Warrick, Rachel May Warrick, Samuel Dean Warrick, Charles Augustus Warrick, Isaiah Warrick, Nehemiah Warrick, Nora Mabel Warrick, Esther Ann Warrick

John Clinton Youngkin and wives Rebecca Gray and Katherine "Kit" Stafford - children (1st marriage) Charles William Youngkin, Harry Elsworth "Elmer" Youngkin, Alice A. Youngkin, Walter T. Youngkin, Mary Adelia Youngkin, Frank S. Youngkin, John Clayton Youngkin, Clara Pearl Youngkin, Evelyn May Youngkin, Ollie S. Youngkin.

Samuel and Mary (Youngkin) Dean - children Emma Averill, Clara Quigley, Hannah Kelly, C. Grace Dean, Charles T. Dean.

Henry Youngkin - nothing more known.

Susan Youngkin - nothing more known.

Albert Youngkin - nothing more known.

Andrew Jackson and Elizabeth C. (?) Youngkin - no known children.

Richard B. and Sarah Anne (Sneath) Youngkin - children Ethel Youngkin, Del Youngkin.


~ Family of Frederick and Anna Mariah (Younkin) Herlinger ~

John and Louisa (Herlinger) Grumbling - children Maria E. Grumbling, William Henry Grumbling, Sarah A. "Sadie" Van Horn, Annie G. Stump, Susan Grumbling.

George F. and Mary Ann Julia (Herlinger) Dick - children Charles G. Dick, Daniel F. Dick, Francis Dick, William H. Dick, Annie Killen, Sarah Sellers, Mary "Florence" Dick.

Josiah J. and Amelia (Herlinger) Wolfe - children Elizabeth "Eliza" McGuire, Martha B. "Mattie" Wolfe, Frances Susan Henry, Irving Josiah Wolfe, Nettie Inez Wolfe.

William Henry and Jemima (Adams) Herlinger - children Emma Jane Herlinger, Francis A. Herlinger, Ernest J. Herlinger, Clyde H. Herlinger, William "Russell" Herlinger, Spear G. Herlinger, Sadie M. Spahr, Annie M. Herlinger.

Frederick and Myrtilla (Robertson) Herlinger Jr. - children Dr. Harry Virgil Herlinger, Clair Cleveland Herlinger.

Francis "Frank" and wives Maria E. Overdorff & Sarah (Rhodes) Herlinger - children Lizzie Bell Findley; Sylvester Fred Herlinger, Mary Frances Arnold, Mary Frances Arnold, India Irene Herlinger, Charles Rhodes Herlinger, Frank Cleveland Herlinger, Maria M. Reynolds, Anna P. "Annie" Taylor, Nannie S. Norton, Ida W. Herlinger, Ruth Florence Herlinger.


John H. and Sarah Maria (Herlinger) Rugh - Vernie Rugh, Charles Frederick Rugh, William H. Rugh, 2 others.


~ Family of Reuben Younkin ~


[Nothing more known]



~ Family of (?) and Elizabeth (Younkin) Deal/Teel ~


[Nothing more known]



~ Family of Aaron and Mary "Polly" (George) Youngkin ~

Reuben A. Younkin - killed in the Civil War.

Uriah and Louisa (DeArmy) Youngkin - children Harry Clemence Youngkin, Mary Elizabeth Brown.

John A. and Catherine "Kate" (Younkin) Harmon -
children Edward Harmon, Mary C. Harmon, John W. Harmon, Annie Harmon.

Simon and Louisa (Younkin) DeArmy - no known children.

Daniel J. and Lucinda (Younkin) Killen - no known children.

Edward Turner and Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Youngkin) McNutt - children Gary H. McNutt, Victor C. McNutt, Harry F. McNutt, Bertha Miller, Mrs. Harry Jarvis.

Henry Youngkin - died at age 15.

George Walton and Angeline "Annie" (Younkin) Esch - 2 daughters died young.

Edward E. and Effie M. (Mack) Younkin - son John M. Youngkin; stepchildren Clyde Lower, Roene Palmer.




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